10 Mistakes You’re Making at Open Inspections According to Expert

Last updated on June 29th, 2023

1. Not Checking Heating and Cooling Thoroughly

Whilst adverts might indicate that there are heating and cooling, it might not be throughout the home.  Also, is it gas or electric? How will this affect your utility bills? 

2. Ignoring Small Details in the Bathrooms

Mould and grime build up around the shower and bath. Ventilation of either a window that opens or a working extraction fan could lead to a build-up of mould which the tenant might be liable for.  If the bathroom appears to be newly painted, could this already be covering mould? Is there heating? Particularly in some of our Victorian builds with high ceilings if you have young children, the bathroom can a very unwelcoming place on a winter morning.

3. Neglecting Water Damage

Most people I see at open inspections don’t look up and check the ceiling. They are so busy deciding where furniture can go that they don’t notice the large water patch on the ceiling.  Likewise, take time to see that there is nothing obvious growing in the gutters outside and they look in good repair.

4. Not Bringing Tape Measure

The fridge space is important to check but is often forgotten. One of the most frequently asked questions a day or so after an inspection: “Will my fridge fit?” If you did not bring a tape measure, a quick way is to stand within the cavity and at least work out how much taller than space is and use your arms to get an approximate width.  Will a single or double door fit? Is it 6ft or higher?  No one wants to leave their fridge in the garage because it can’t fit in the cavity.

5. Not Inspecting the Countertop Surface

Most people arrive in the kitchen and look at the amount of storage and the countertop space for food preparation.  We advise taking a closer look at the surface. Is it melamine that might burn easily? Or is it marble/granite that is better wearing?  Of course, marble/granite finishes will add a few $’s to your rental price, but if you are used to placing a hot pot on the kitchen counter, this might be a more important need.

6. Disregarding Temperature Knobs

Most people will look at the cooker top and think “OK. It’s a 4 plate gas/induction and not too scratched.”  But what about the other parts? Take a moment to check the temperature knobs. Are they melted or the settings rubbed off from years of work? 

7. Forgetting About the Exhaust System

Is there an extraction fan or window near the cooker?

8. Discounting Neighbour’s Pets

Walk out into the garden and notice if the neighbour’s dogs start barking. It’s a sure sign this could be an annoyance in the future.  We have this experience while inspecting that we noticed the neighbour had a chicken coupe hidden under the trees. Our client had a dog and it was important we discussed how the clients’ dog might react to chickens.

9. Paying No Attention to the Deck

Decking: check it is not decaying or loose in places. If you have small children or pets and the house is elevated, is the area closed off so they can not venture under the house?

10. Overlooking Significant Garden Details

Where are the garden taps?  Is there any electrical plug points outside? Is there storage for garden tools if the garage is small or there is only a carport?  Are there any large trees that could impact the house? Are they evergreen or will you spend your Autumn raking leaves or clearing gutters?


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