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Moving house is not a common occurrence for most, it is also a very expensive exercise. Budgeting your home move is one way to help you prepare.

Over the last 10 years, Personnel Relocations has met many families who are moving internationally or even interstate, and we have compiled a list of the most common mistakes people might make, or that they have not thought of.


Need more suitcases or bigger cases?

Need to increase your luggage allowance? Can you airfreight some items?

Airport transfer: consider your luggage vs boot size

Flights with a long layover can be cheaper and taking 48 hours to relax in Hawaii or Singapore is worth considering to recharge you for the arrival.

Car Hire

If you are hiring from the airport, consider your luggage; otherwise, organise an airport transfer and then a smaller car hire close to your hotel.  You will save on Airport Premium surcharge too.

Car seats: Add around $20 per day per seat – again an airport transfer then buy seats on arrival

Satellite Navigation: add $30/day – buying is cheaper for longer than a 2-week hire

Your hotel, how much will car parking be?

Short Term Accommodation

Next to furniture removals, accommodation will be your biggest spend.

Locate a self-catering or serviced apartment, close to the area you wish to live, to save on commuting times, petrol and stress!  It also helps to get a better feel for the area.

Plan for some take away and restaurant meals – don’t forget meals in-transit.

Is the Internet included? Daily allowance? Additional baby equipment, high chairs, cots etc?

Remember to check the cancellation fees if you want to exit your accommodation early, should you find a rental quickly – try not to pay everything upfront and in advance.


Full clean of your house must include carpet clean, oven, windows etc

Accommodation while the house is being packed up then cleaned before keys handed over–estimate 3-7 nights.

Selling your car? You may need a hired car for a few days

Cancellation fees for contracts such as telephones, internet and rental home. And have you thought of the cost of redirecting your mail?


Is there ever an end to the cost for children?

New uniform ($1000 for private schools).  School application and enrolment fees.

Baby car seats: only Australian Certified seats are allowed to be fitted. Leave yours at home.

New Home Costs

Deposit up to 6 weeks rent plus your first month’s rent in advance.

New utilities connection costs

Purchase of internet router, TV set-top equipment, new phones, and sim cards

Other settling expenses can be white goods–that first big shop of cleaning supplies and pantry items.

Remember, this guide is only a snapshot of everything to consider for your big move.  The above list helps you in budgeting your home move but there may be other factors you need to consider. When you arrive, there are many decisions you need to make in a short space of time, so consider engaging the services of Personnel Relocations to give you relevant information at the right time. Clear your head to make important decisions quickly.

Using the services of a relocation company can cost you less than 1 week of short term accommodation.  Contacting us will not cost you anything, but using a relocation company will not only save money but also have you a sounding board and a mentor to guide you through the process swiftly.  It’s like having a personal trainer for your big move!

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