Are you were wondering if the real estate industry is still known for using misleading advertising? Then let me tell you a story! Unfortunately, misleading advertising in real estate is still widely spread which makes relocation difficult when you rely on the internet for budget purposes. Let me tell you, and show you, why we have to […]

10 Mistakes You’re Making at Open Inspections According to Expert

1. Not Checking Heating and Cooling Thoroughly Whilst adverts might indicate that there are heating and cooling, it might not be throughout the home.  Also, is it gas or electric? How will this affect your utility bills?  2. Ignoring Small Details in the Bathrooms Mould and grime build up around the shower and bath. Ventilation […]

Save $1000 on Your Move with our Smart Home Finding Solution

  Meet Mike. Mike wanted to do a DIY home inspection because he wanted to save money. So he looked at the Open Inspection listings, and it was obvious that the prime time to visit Melbourne for the most rental viewings is Saturday.  That worked. He didn’t need to take time off work.  He decided […]

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