6 Ways to Save Money on Your Move to Australia in 2023

Save money on your move to Australia in 2023 with these 6 practical tips. Learn how to budget for your relocation, avoid hidden costs and more. Discover the best ways to cut costs and make your dream move a reality.

1000 Relocations: 7 Ways It Helps You

After more than a decade of relocations and moving to Australia myself, we have a great depth of experience to share with you. I’ve probably seen and done it all myself or helped other others overcome challenges, we can help you navigate your relocation more smoothly. I will be sharing a few stories with you, […]

Moving to Australia – What Can I Take?

Migrants to Australia have a lot on their minds when they move. What should I pack? What’s the weather like? How do I get around? One question that often comes up is: what can I bring with me from my home country?  While there are definitely some things that you will need, there are also […]

5 Personal Traits To Help you Succeed in Australia

When you start dreaming then planning and finally executing your move to Australia, or anywhere for that matter, your imagination is filled with ideals that could be far removed from reality. Many families say to me “Australia (Melbourne) is much colder than I expected,”  or they are amazed that our snow ski resorts are only […]

Australian Visa: Latest Updates from Expert Migration Agent

Robyn Vogels​​, Founder of Personnel Relocations, speaks exclusively to Charlene Tan, founder of Wayfinder Migration, on Australian visa updates amidst the pandemic. The following is an excerpt of the interview. You may find the full version below. Prioritised Visas The borders are starting to open now. Is there more of an emphasis on some visas […]

How To Save Money On Your Furniture Removals

We are prompted to talk to you about this topic because it is one of the biggest ways you can save money. A lot of people don’t understand how many variables make up a furniture removals quote. So I wanted to explain that to you a little bit. And I would hope that you’re all […]

Insurance: What We Often Forget

This is an excerpt from an interview we had with Glenn Thomas of GT Insurance Brokers. Robyn:I’m Robyn Vogels from Personnel Relocations and the author of the book Your DIY Move Guide to Australia. I’m joined today by Glenn Thomas of GT insurance and we’re just going to discuss some of the important factors that […]

How To Get the Best Exchange Rate Always

In this edited transcript of Robyn Vogels’ interview with Geraldine Collett, Halo Financial, you’ll learn: why we recommend their services what sets Halo financial apart how to always get the best exchange rate many others For the full interview, see below. __________________________________ Robyn: I’m Robyn Vogels from Personnel Relocations. I’m the owner of Personnel Relocations and […]

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