How far in advance should you look for a house to rent in Australia?

Last updated on January 25th, 2024

How far in advance should you look for a house to rent in Australia?

Generally, we start working with our clients about six to eight weeks prior to their arrival. The first three weeks are to start getting your paperwork and everything ready for your rental applications. But from four to five weeks, we need to start looking at properties.  This gives our clients a much longer window of time to find the right home, rather than just a couple of weeks when you are jet lagged and unsure of yourself.

We do want you to make the right start in Australia, so if you are “going solo” then part of your preparation is understanding the process and timeline:

Here is a little of what to expect in the timing and why it is difficult to only book an Airbnb for 2 weeks after your arrival.

Once you have shortlisted a few homes, these are steps: 

  • Wait for the inspection date and time,
  • Inspect the home
  • Processing the applications, 
  • Shortlisting the applications and presenting them to the landlords, then
  • Offering property to you
  • Paying the first months rent and the bond payment
  • Agent’s entry report,
  • Connection of the gas, water and light.
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If you’re wondering how long you should book your Airbnb for we suggest booking a minimum of four weeks. 


The first week when you’re here, you are very jet lagged. Then you’re trying to sort out your bank accounts and unsure what to do first: driving licence, shortlisting suburbs or driving around suburbs. So the first week is a wipeout.


In the second week, you start shortlisting homes then after you have a look at a few, you then realise that maybe your budget isn’t aligned with the areas that you’re looking into so you tweak everything. You might be lucky to find something at the end of two weeks which you can inspect and start applying for. 


Hopefully you have at least 2 applications in with agents, but you must keep looking, dont wait!  


You have been approved and are awaiting the completion of entry reports, leases, connecting gas, water and electricity which takes 2-3 days.  You should be able to move in by the end of this week, or at least have the keys so you can buy furniture.

The rental crisis is challenging for everyone involved. Still, by being realistic, prepared and flexible, you will be better positioned to find a rental property that meets your needs gives you a comfortable start in Australia.

Our Inspect4U can save you time, money and stress, because you will go directly into your rental. No Airbnb.  We can even deliver a starter pack of bedding and food for your first night.

If you are interested in  our Inspect4U service do drop us a line. At least we’re looking for a longer period of time for you before you arrive. So we can start looking six weeks before you arrive and have you straight into a house.

Personnel Relocations simplifies the process of relocation to make it comfortable and hassle-free at an affordable price. With excellent care and the right guidance, Personnel Relocations can help your employees make the right start in Australia.

We understand that every relocation is different and each one has different goals. To contribute to your employees’ settling in Australia, we have alliances with experts such as relocation mentors, life coaches, cross-culture trainers, baby equipment hire, business communication specialists, local and international furniture removals, interior designers, decluttering, unpacking and setting up trades services who can help with specific needs.

It is not unusual for Personnel Relocations to handle the full suite of relocation needs, all from just one call.


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