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Use Inspect4U Express when you need our expertise to inspect a home you’ve discovered.

Why it is valuable to have our relocation consultants represent you at the inspection:

Unbiased Evaluation

Unlike estate agents, who represent the property owner and may be more inclined to highlight the positive aspects of the property, we have no stake in the rental process. Our relocation consultants can provide a neutral evaluation of the property's condition and suitability for your needs.

We look with the Head, not heart

We prioritise logical evaluation over emotional attachment. Our Australian relocation consultants help you see beyond the surface appeal, offering an objective analysis that aids in making informed decisions, ensuring your dream home doesn't turn into a costly nightmare.

Comprehensive Reporting

This includes details of any issues or damages we observe, as well as photographs to support our evaluation. This information can help you make an informed decision about whether to apply for the rental property.

Proven Expertise

With a strong history dating back 2008 and a wealth of experience inspecting 1000+ homes, Plan4Australia relocation consultants stand as a beacon of trust and professionalism in the home inspection industry.

Negotiating skills

Armed with the detailed findings from our home inspections, we effectively communicate any concerns, leveraging these insights to negotiate the best terms and conditions for our you.

Saves time and money

We save you valuable time and effort. Rental inspections are often at fixed time that might not suit you. Why fly in from interstate, or take time out of the office to attend an inspection? We are here for you.

Price: $185

How it works

We confirm your request
We discuss your needs
We attend inspection
Your receive our report
You discuss any issues
You submit application

As your local relocation consultants in Australia, our aim is to represent you at the inspection and to use our expertise to quickly identify the highlights and concerns about the home.

Along with a detailed video and photographs, we will also report all sights (nearby construction), any sounds (barking dogs) or any smells (previous smoker.

Our videos will include

  • All bedrooms 
  • Appliances included
  • Bathrooms and tiles
  • Street footage
  • All outdoor areas
  • Check heating & cooling

What do we cover during an inspection?

All rooms inside and outside where access is granted by the estate agent on inspection day

Appliances and utilities that are considered part of the prospective rental agreement.​

All outside areas like the front porch, garage, carport, and backyard.

Street front and any significant structures surrounding the property

Anything that we feel might be of concern to you: excessive noise, strange odour, etc.


The more notice we have, the more chance you have of locking in our time to attend. The minimum is 1 business day.

Our app is still being developed, but for now, the quickest way is via Whatsapp for fast delivery of video, photos and our inspection notes. In the current rental market, we want you to submit your application as quickly as possible, it is critical that we get the information to you quickly.

If it is an Open Inspection the actual time in the home is usually less than 15 minutes.  We would be on site at least 15 minutes early, to take video of the outside and home surroundings.  Often we are the last to leave so we can evaluate the competition for the home or if we have a question for the estate agent.

Every effort will be made to get you all the feedback within 1 hour after our Australian relocation consultants attended the inspection.

We are there to represent you! Being your relocation consultants in Australia, our feedback is an unbiased evaluation. Estate agents represent the property owner and may be more inclined to highlight the positive aspects of the property, we have no stake in the rental process and can provide a neutral evaluation of the property’s condition and suitability for our clients. We will even tell you if the property has a bad smell!

Melbourne + SE suburbs, Brisbane and surrounding suburbs, Sydney – Northern Beaches and The Hills areas, and Perth

Coming soon: Canberra, Adelaide and Bondi suburbs

In the event of the inspection being canceled by the agents, refunds will be offered on the following basis:

  • If more than ONE (1) hour prior, we will offer a full refund less administration and bank fees of $10.
  • If less than ONE (1) hour, we would already be enroute to the inspection so 50% refund will be offered.
  • Should we arrive but the agent fails to attend, or the property is not opened for any reason outside of our control, there will be no refund. Our team will wait 15 minutes and provide photo evidence of our attendance.
  • If we miss an inspection due to our own negligence, a full refund will be issued.

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