Moving abroad from the UK to Australia can be intimidating, especially if you don’t know what to expect. If you’re planning on relocating your family, we understand how overwhelming it can feel.  Robyn Vogels, the Owner of Personnel Relocations, lived in the UK for nearly ten years and is here to share three things many […]


Moving countries can be a stressful experience for both parents and children. With the added difficulty of transitioning your kids to a new culture, it can be hard to know where to start. If you’re planning on moving with children to Australia, this guide is for you! I have been in your shoes, moved with […]

6 Ways to Save Money on Your Move to Australia in 2023

Save money on your move to Australia in 2023 with these 6 practical tips. Learn how to budget for your relocation, avoid hidden costs and more. Discover the best ways to cut costs and make your dream move a reality.

Packing for Australia: 5 Best Time-saving Hacks

You wont find these on any other checklist! It can often feel like you have a good amount of time before you leave for Australia. You are waiting for the visa and the move date seems in the distance.  Then boom! You find yourself wondering where the time went.   Moving to a new country can […]

Moving to Australia – What Can I Take?

Migrants to Australia have a lot on their minds when they move. What should I pack? What’s the weather like? How do I get around? One question that often comes up is: what can I bring with me from my home country?  While there are definitely some things that you will need, there are also […]

How To Save Money On Your Furniture Removals

We are prompted to talk to you about this topic because it is one of the biggest ways you can save money. A lot of people don’t understand how many variables make up a furniture removals quote. So I wanted to explain that to you a little bit. And I would hope that you’re all […]

Distance Grandparent: the book you didn’t know you needed

Interview by Robyn Vogels with Helen Ellis, Distance Families Robyn:  Helen thank you so much for sending me a preview of the book, I absolutely loved reading it.  Please talk about all three books you are working on and the three generations of your research.  I know when I read your first edition there were […]

The Invisible Role of Mothers During a Move

There is a slow but gratefully growing trend in female corporate relocations. It is estimated that only around 14% of global assignments are held by women. This can vary by industry and country.   With the recent pandemic, nurses and doctors can choose where they want to live and more often we are finding that […]

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